My fullname is Muhammadh Anas Ibnu Ibrahim, shortly "Anas". I was born in KG Hospital, Coimbatore (and worked in a KG group company till March 2005).

I did my schoolings at Rex Higher Secondary School, Ooty and then got my graduation from Jamal Mohamed College, Trichy. My college was sometimes referred to as Jolly Jamal and some other times it was referred to as Jail Jamal. For me, it was something between the two.

Presently, I work as a Platforms and Storage Specialist at Wipro Arabia Limited, Saudi Arabia.

Ours is a small family. My father Muhammadh Ibrahim expired in February 2004 (May his soul rest in peace, and may Almighty forgive his sins). He worked for Tamil Nadu Electricity Board. He was a religious and humble man. I don't remember him beating me more than once in my life. He worked hard and brought me up softly and has helped me stand on my own today. Thanks Dear Dad (I know that this word cannot compensate his contibution in my life).

My mother, lost her parents when she was five years old. She was brought up by her uncle and later by my uncle (her brother). She had studied in The Nilgiris and wanted to educate me and my sister also in Nilgiris only. Her decision has helped me a lot. The foundation I got by studying in The Nilgiris has helped me gain a lot in my career. My parents have taken pains to bring me to the state I am today. Even today my mother guides me and reminds me to stay in the right path, to pray Almighty.

Lord, show mercy on my parents as they showed love and mercy on me when I was young