Surely the best speech is the Book of Allah and the best of all guidance is the guidance of Muhammadh. And the worst of all affairs are newly invented things and every newly invented thing is an innovation and every innovation is astray, and every astray is in the Hellfire. -An-Nasa'ee

To know about islam, firstly you should know who Allah is and what the word "Allah" means. "Allah" means God - with no equals, no substitues. In other words ....

Allah means one and only one God. One God means that He is: Alone, All powerful, OmniPotent, OmniPresent, does not need helpers, does not need rest, does not have competition, etc.

You can see that the word "Allah" is used to refer God even in an Arabic Bible. Have a look at what The Holy Qur'aan says about Allah:

Say: 'He is Allah, the One, the called upon. Who has not given birth, and has not been born, and there is none equal to Him.' - Holy Qur'aan [112 : 1-4]

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The first thing that we have to think while in search of God is ...

What are the qualities of God?
I have seen people who call other humans as God just because they helped them. Hope you'd agree with me that God is omnipresent and omnipotent. If you call your mother a God .........., is she present everywhere? If you believe that a saint is God................, is he capable of telling you what what Kofi Annan is thinking about at this moment? or atleast is the saint immortal?. In fact, no saint knows what will happen to him the next moment.

What would happen if there were a number of Gods? Consider that one tries to help you and another one tries to help your opponent. Which one wins? If one loses then Is he a God? God is capable of doing anything without being questioned by anybody. He is capable of doing anything at the fraction of a second.

Islam is submission unto the will of one God. It is believing in the oneness of God, and Muslims are those who believe in Allah and live by the rules defined by Islam.

Message of Qur'aan about God
Like all books, the Qur'an is a means to convey a message - in this case, ia very special message from the Creator to all humanity. The Qur'an is an 'owner's manual for the human being'; whoever wonders about the purpose of life and their own existence will find it to be a guide par excellence.

The Qur'an's main message is to call people to turn to the Source of all being and the Giver of life, and to serve Him with a pure heart, free of idolatry or superstition. In Islam, 'One God' means just that: there is no concept of trinity, or anything else to complicate one's understanding. Like the single nucleus of a cell or an atom, He Alone is the 'control centre' behind it all; anything else would lead to chaos and confusion.

God is Unique and without partner; He was not born and did not give birth; He is All-Compassionate and Merciful, Almighty and Just, and the only One we need turn to for guidance and help.

The Qur'an rejects the concept of salvation or special privilege based on ethnicity; God does not discriminate on the basis of race or colour. It also denies the need for the sacrifice of innocent life - animal or human - in order for people to attain salvation. It states that Jesus (peace be upon him) was not crucified as claimed, but that God saved him from his enemies, as one would expect of God's honoured and beloved Messenger; his life was meant to be an inspiring example. Spiritual salvation is to be achieved solely through humble repentance, coupled by an attempt to make amends for one's sins, and a sincere intention not to repeat one's mistakes in the future. There is no official priesthood in Islam, and the Imam is no more than a knowledgeable prayer-leader and brother in faith; one's sins need only be confessed directly to the Creator.

The following excerpt from The Qur'an illustrates these points beautifully:

'Recite to them the story of Ibrahim,
When he asked his father and his people, 'What do you worship?'
'We worship idols,' they replied, 'and we are ever devoted to them.'
He said, 'Do they hear you when you cry?
Or do they benefit or harm you in any way?'
They said, 'No, but this is what we found our forefathers doing.'
He said, 'Do you see, then, what you and your forefathers have been worshipping?
Truly, they are all my enemies, except the Lord of the Worlds,
Who created me, and Who guides me,
And Who feeds me and gives me to drink,
And when I am ill, He heals me,
And Who will cause me to die, and give me life again;
And Who, I ardently hope, will forgive me my sins on the Day of Judgement.
O Lord, grant me wisdom, and unite me with the righteous,
And grant that I may be remembered well in future generations,
And make me one of the inheritors of the Garden of Delight;
And forgive my father, for he is one of those who is lost;
And do not disgrace me on the Day when all will be resurrected,
The Day that wealth and children will not avail anyone,
Except one who brings to God a clean heart.'
(The Qur'an, Chapter of 'The Poets', 26:69-89)

People have a misconception that Islam is 1400 years old and that Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) is the founder of this religion. Islam existed since time immemorial, ever since man first set foot on this earth. Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was not the founder of Islam. He was the last and final Messenger of Almighty God.

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